‘Desh’-er Ranna: On Inheriting the Cuisine of Chittagong

Born in a family that originally belonged to the Chittagong district of undivided Bengal, I was conscious of my roots and my other ‘desh’ (country) since my childhood days. The Ghosh-s were residents of Dhalghat, a place that prominently figured in the nationalist movement of Bengal, as it was one of the centres of the revolutionary activities carried out by  ‘Master-da’,  Surya Sen. Sen, the renowned freedom fighter, was the key figure behind the Chittagong Armoury Raid or the Chittagong Uprising in 1930. The Ghosh…Continue Reading “‘Desh’-er Ranna: On Inheriting the Cuisine of Chittagong”

The tears that still bind – by Annu Jalais

Ten years ago I met Gazi in Bangladesh’s Satkhira region, in a small island called Koikhali. He had come with his immediate family about 60 years back, at the stroke of midnight, with nothing but the clothes on his back. Although in the beginning he had been able to keep in touch with the rest of his family in India, he had not heard from them in many years. The Indian government had started building a wall and anyone trying to travel to the other…Continue Reading “The tears that still bind – by Annu Jalais”