Chronicling Resettlement

T Table of Content Resettlement in Bijoygarh: A Microcosm, A Bottleneck The ‘Other’ Victims: The Ghettoization of Muslims in Post-Partition Calcutta—Another Resettlement Culinary cultures of Bengal: Lost Homes and homes rebuilt The Aftermath of the Bengal Partition through Ritwik Ghatak’s Lenses: Dole Smṛti Dole Deś Dole Dhunucir Ondhokār ‘Are we really going to our new home?’: An Eternal Quest The Dandakaranya Project: How an Escape Route Became a Death Trap A City of One’s Own: Refugee Mobilization in the Calcutta Tram Movement Squatting and Squalor: Search … Continue reading Chronicling Resettlement